The end of a rich history

For anyone who loves our Astrid.

We look back with nostalgia to the year 2013, a disaster year for us. We have with many tears to say goodbye to after a tragic stranding on the coast of Ireland on 24 July 2013 it turned out after the salvage is no longer possible for her to fix it how much we would have


For us it is a mourning process that still continues and what but slowly finds its way in our minds.

What have we enjoyed all the seas that we have navigated.
What remains now are the beautiful memories of 7 years sailing with her.

What we enjoyed the hospitality of the different countries and people.
What we enjoyed of dolphins, whales, turtles and all the wonderful nature views.
What we enjoyed the sunsets always different but so fascinating.
What we enjoyed the oh so beautiful starry sky on the ocean.
What we enjoyed the many trainees and guests on board.
What we enjoyed the many crew which together with our the Astrid have sailed.
What we enjoyed the delicious meals during our travels.
What we enjoyed the cosy salon where it is always a good place was.

 But it’s over it’s history.

Here we feel in this wind down seeing the eye of God silences on us, the primitive man that is left behind in a great void where everything is a question mark. But then we must always think of the text, those who sailed the sea will see the great works of God and that we have seen and we are grateful for that. Sometimes you have to lie down there, do nothing more morale, vomiting, accept and finally absorb. Then you need the hijack rounds of all storms, be born again, still another truth, we smell the sea but we smell the Earth, soil, clay and so we see yet again full of confidence to the future.

What have we enjoyed our once proud Astrid.

For everyone we wish, fair winds and following seas,

Pieter en Ineke de Kam