Plenty of Sailing-fun in 2013!

First of all for everybody of course a very happy New Year,  good health and of course lots of sailing-fun.

The voyage from Benicarlo Spain to Flushing in the Netherlands was great. Good winds from the right direction blew us in record-braking time though the Gulf of Biscay to our homeport. DSC04815For us and Astrid too it takes some time to get used to the Dutch cold and wet weather. But of course its nice to berth in our homeport Flushing and feel the warm welcome we were given. We have moved a bit form the Piet Hein key to our new place in the Dokkersharbour close to the Schelde-area. Here we have the company of old pilot-boat Markab and the Schelde-crane which has been restored into working order.  The crane will help us with maintenance–jobs in the rigging. Here we will also do everything necessary _painting, checking the rigging and shrouds, renewing what’s broken, for pleasant and safe sailing in 2013.

Here we also prepare for being the first ship in the restored “Drydock of Perry”. Just a few more things have to be done at the dock and then the Astrid will be lifted from the water in the revived drydock. We hope plenty of people will come and have a look and we invite you all. You can find information about when and where on our website and on facebook.

We are of course at the moment in full swing to set up a proramm for 2013 to suit all desires: from Tall Ships Races to daytrips and everything in between. See vaarprogramma (sailin-programm) on the website.

We look forward to the new year and we hope to meet you on one of our fantastic and unforgettable voyages at sea.

Pieter and Ineke de Kam